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An online assessment tool to help organizations and their people improve their performance and safely meet their compliance requirements. We enable organizations to deliver successful certification programs with testing features.


Tentominds is an easy-to-handle load testing platform with scalable performance. Use it to test thousands of candidates and identify zero bottlenecks in your system.


Advanced security features like data encryption, Secure Data Hosting, Compliant with International Standards ensure the safety of candidate details and exam data.


A talented trained team to assist you with exam-related queries. Our call-support system guarantees instant customer service and ensures effortless transitions from offline to online exams.

Choose The Right Candidate With The Right Tool

Providing a secure environment for your data is our main priority, and we take this very seriously. We've taken the necessary steps to encrypt all of your important data (student records, exam results, and more).

With our user access management system, you can define the roles of your users and give them the access that they need to work efficiently.

We offer secure data hosting on Amazon Cloud Services, along with authentication for examinees to take online exams.

Our Features

Check out our list of awesome features below.

Math Type

The chemistry and math-related features on the toolbar allow you to easily construct and use chemical equations and mathematical notation.

Question Bank

A question bank is a collection of questions that can be created, viewed, and edited. The questions in the question bank can be used in many quizzes and lessons.

Adaptive Testing

Based on the responses provided, a difficulty level matching the knowledge and ability of the test taker is determined.

Exam Control

Administrators can control, manage and document required modifications on exams using this tool to ensure the best experience and solutions when stumbling blocks occur.

Instant Grading

Test takers can view their results immediately on completion of the test after instructors enable automatic grading or manual grading.

User Branding

At a high level, branding is a promise to our customers. It's really a matter of understanding them and then designing helpful products that encourage positive experiences.

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We enable organizations to deliver successful certification programs with testing features.

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